If you frequent Dunkin’ Donuts and enjoy their coffee, you’ve probably seen this catchy phrase at the bottom of your receipt: “Hey America! Want a free donut when you purchase a medium or larger beverage?”

This offer is all about surveying “customer experience,” our first example of one component that the Bernett Information Group has targeted with its insight platform.  Knowing how your customers feel about your products is essential to ensuring good service and customer retention. It also allows your company to quickly react if your customers are dissatisfied about any part of their transactional visit (i.e. the line took too long to get my coffee, etc.).

Have you recently viewed Fortune 500’s article entitled, “ Best Places to Work?” This article discusses the companies that employees are raving about and why.  This practice is something Bernett refers to as “employee insight,” the second component of the Bernett Insight PlatformTM. Employee insight helps companies enhance and/or maintain a winning corporate culture by listening to employees’ preferences.

Are you familiar with Saucony? For those of you who are not, Saucony is an athletic shoe company. For years, Saucony’s customers perceived it as only a running shoe company. In contrast, Saucony’s management claimed it was an all-around athletic shoe company. There was an obvious brand identity disconnect between the company and its customers. In consequence, Saucony began making shoes for a variety of sports including basketball, tennis, and hiking. None of the products in these categories yielded high sales revenue. Saucony was pigeonholed into only selling running shoes because customers viewed them as a running company.  Saucony’s story inspired Bernett to institute the third component of its platform, “brand identity.” We believe that a strong brand seeks to make a connection with its consumer. When consumer perception and brand reality are parallel, companies will thrive.

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Arielle Schwartz, Insight Sales Associate