As parents and relatives get older, many families make the decision to seek out a senior living option where they can attain proper healthcare. One of the most popular options for these types of patients is the skilled nursing facility (SNF). Massachusetts is home to over 400 skilled nursing facilities which are consistently evaluated to ensure the highest quality care for certified patients.

Massachusetts mandates that SNFs survey patients every 9-15 months in an effort to attain quality improvement as well as resident and family satisfaction. Over the past month, Bernett has done in depth research into SNFs and we have discovered that our services will absolutely optimize a skilled nursing facility’s ability to understand their patients and family members’ opinions of the care being delivered.

The two most common pitfalls in health care surveying are slowness in data gathering and facilities thinking that surveys are expensive. The good news is that the Bernett Insight Platform, our top-rated survey platform, can resolve both issues. In terms of the speed of data gathering, Bernett can customize online surveys quickly and with super value. We will design, execute, and report on real-time insights required for your SNF.

In regards to the size of the SNF, no organization is ever too small for quality improvement. It is almost standard practice these days to walk into a store or a coffee shop, get the product you desire, and have a survey in your inbox by the end of the day about your experience. Why should this be any different for a SNF? No matter how many patients it services, the state of Massachusetts and future patients want to know what existing and past patients think about the quality of the care they are receiving. The Bernett platform is designed to handle any size SNF, whether big or small.

Bernett will work as hard as possible to help SNFs attain and maintain the highest quality care for patients. After all, you would want to send your loved ones to a SNF that cares enough to get regular feedback and committed enough to improve in areas that matter most!

Arielle Schwartz, Insight Sales Associate