What’s the key to a restaurant’s success? There are, of course, a number of factors: cooking delicious food or having a unique value proposition; delivering exceptional customer service; identifying potential return diners and acting on the opportunity to cultivate those loyalists. Facilitating a feedback mechanism to enable customers to communicate directly with management is critical – surveys enable decision makers to act on data and not on conjecture.

While surveys are becoming more commonplace in restaurants, many still rely on paper surveys completed by customers in real time. However, paper presents a number of challenges – it can be spilled on or it can be lost when payment is processed. It is also not the most effective way to develop a relationship with your customers.

Compare the restaurant business to the retail business. Most retailers now require email at checkout – it is fast, saves trees, and is not easily lost. It also helps maintain more robust customer data to utilize important CRM tools. As a restaurant owner, think to yourself: wouldn’t it be useful to have a digital file of customer feedback? You could store basic contact information to target customers for promotions and events. You could also keep track of purchase behavior and preferences to track menu items. Lastly, you could predict which types of food were most popular during a given season to make sure they are featured year round.

The Bernett Group has a solution. Our online customer satisfaction surveys can elucidate what customers think of a particular restaurant.  Surveys can be distributed quickly via email links or tablet formatted for easy data capture. When combined with predictive analytics, which analyze restaurant behaviors, surveys are powerful tools for retaining customers and gaining valuable insights. Want to learn more? Contact us at 617-746-2000.

-Arielle Schwartz, Insight Sales Associate