The Bernett Group

The Bernett Group is a Boston-based company that provides strategic marketing and market research services to a wide range of businesses, organizations, and pollsters. Bernett’s market research group delivers exceptional survey services for market researchers who need to collect data on consumer brand awareness, customer satisfaction, employee feedback, and business-to-business insights. Our data collection and visualization teams collect and report survey data that is statistically accurate and reliable. Bernett uses both online and phone collection methods to serve the country’s leading market research companies.

Online Market Research

The Internet makes online data collection a reality. When organizations rely on receiving information quickly, an efficient way to collect that data is with the use of online surveys – either a short survey email to the masses, or a more comprehensive programmed survey to a specific group of individuals. Organizations that require the highest number of sample responses must target respondents who opt-in to online panels. These panel members are willing to participate in surveys, studies or other types of research because they are compensated. Using custom recruited panels enables market researchers to target a specific group of people online who are more qualified to share valuable insight.

Smart Panels, A Smarter Way To Research

Smart Panels, a new division of The Bernett Group, builds and manages custom online-research panels with a twist. The Bernett Group intends to partner with industry leaders to recruit, manage, and engage qualified panel members for smarter online panels. Utilizing Bernett’s digital panel management software and call center teams, Smart Panels fundamentally changes the value of online panels because the panels we assemble are enhanced with the help of industry leaders. Smart Panels operate on the premise that trusted, knowledgeable leaders engage panel members in a way that is always relevant, therefore leading to a higher quality of market research data. Who would you trust more: a generic online panel of people that are never identified, or specialized panels of pre-screened participants that are engaged by intelligent people in their own selected area of expertise and association? Smart Panels provides better insight to both the organization that need answers to their questions, and to the selected panel members that provide the information.

The Bernett Group is recruiting industry leaders and businesses that want to benefit from a new paradigm in research.