Over the last two weeks, one of the more interesting presidential elections of our time (maybe the most interesting) moved beyond political pundits and debate stages to decision time as Iowa held the first Caucus and New Hampshire held the first primary of the 2016 cycle. Political polling is an incredibly important part of the process – both for campaigns and voters alike – and our team at BIG is on the front lines.

While polling is a numbers game, the data that is collected is part of a very intimate, human experience going on behind the scenes where interviewers have conversations with voters to glean insight into their voting habits, their position on candidates and their likelihood of voting. In honor of the primary season officially kicking off, we did some polling of our own to uncover what makes political projects such an interesting and exciting part of our business. Here are some of the responses from our team – enjoy!

Why do you enjoy dialing for political projects?

“My favorite part about dialing political projects is listening to each person’s opinion of who they like and don’t like. I also enjoy preparing for political because the research I do enables me to be more informed on the issues.”

“I enjoy the diversity of respondents. We speak with some very passionate people, and many have completely different views.”

“I enjoy applying the skills of interviewing to this particular topic. Sticking to the script is critical when speaking with respondents and we must ensure that everyone is treated the same, regardless of how personal the topic can be.”

“I study sociology, so I enjoy getting to know more about the diverse opinions of individuals across the country. My favorite part about dialing for political projects is the conversations I have when the respondents are not familiar with the issues we are inquiring about.”

What was your most memorable conversation?

“One woman was so excited to share that she would be voting for a certain candidate. No matter who was mentioned, she was still going to vote for this person, 100%. I have never been on the line with anyone as enthusiastic about voting or the candidate they were voting for until I spoke with her.”

“I once spoke with someone who was so intrigued by the survey that they asked me to call back so they could look into candidates. They were thankful that we prompted them to pay more attention to an election.”

“When I first started, I spoke with an older lady who was really excited to answer our questionnaire from the second she answered the phone. She had something to say after every question and was very engaging to speak with. The nice people are who make the job worth it.”

What’s your favorite part about the political season?

“During primary season, we experience some very busy days, with multiple same-day projects being executed at once. It’s exciting to be part of the process, and to see our work be part of a national dialogue.”

“During the years when there is not a national election, there are still political campaigns going on at the local and state level all the time. We enjoy serving clients that are engaged in varying types of political elections.”

In Conclusion…

It’s always fun to take a few minutes to connect with our team and share our experiences in the world of politics. The anecdotes you’ve read shed light on the engagement that Americans have in the political process, and that’s exciting to see. As it relates to data and reporting, the most important aspect of our process is confidentiality and non-bias reporting and our experience has prepared our interviewers to have these critical conversations with the public and ensure we deliver reliable information our clients can trust. If you’re interested in learning more about our political polling services, please contact me directly.

-Matt Hayes, President and CEO