The most prestigious law firms around the country are finding themselves facing increased competition for talented first-year associates. In response, companies are exploring what is truly important to new hires, whether it be salary or other factors such as culture, work-life balance, firm reputation, or career trajectory.

While salary increases have been gaining traction, as at least one top-tier firm in New York City has increased base salaries for first-year associates to $180,000, law firms are increasingly gathering data to identify and address the factors beyond salary.

To accurately portray corporate culture during the recruitment process, Employee Insight surveys, conducted online, are an affordable tool for law firms to develop the data needed.  Recruiters will thoroughly understand the intricacies of employee culture and how the organization is represented by the current employees.

When configured and executed properly, a survey will identify the elements most important to the talent pool, plus provide insights into areas which may require organizational change for overall firm improvement.

The Bernett Group is an experienced third-party provider of surveys, survey design, and analytics with over 40 years of helping clients identify the most critical factors influencing employee and client satisfaction. For more information, call the Bernett Group at 617-746-2600.

-Arielle Schwartz, Insight Sales Associate