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By Herald Staff

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Massachusetts voters are concerned the state and the Cannabis Control Commission will roll out legal pot sales on time and fairly, according to a new poll. Here are key points from the survey:
How confident are you the state will be able to safely and fairly regulate the sale of marijuana?

  • Extremely confident: 8 percent
  • Very confident: 14 percent
  • Somewhat confident: 36 percent
  • Not very confident: 21 percent
  • Not at all confident: 20 percent

How concerned are you that the state’s regulation of marijuana will be influenced by politics?

  • Extremely concerned: 21 percent
  • Very concerned: 25 percent
  • Somewhat concerned: 26 percent
  • Not very concerned: 16 percent
  • Not at all concerned: 9 percent

Are you likely to buy marijuana when it becomes legal?

  • Yes: 18 percent
  • No: 75 percent
  • Unsure: 6 percent

Will marijuana legalization be a good thing for Massachusetts?

  • Yes, very good thing: 11 percent
  • A good thing: 31 percent
  • No effect: 21 percent
  • A bad thing: 21 percent
  • A very bad thing: 12 percent


SOURCE: Poll conducted by the Bernett Group for the Boston Herald