Bernett Research Announces Corporate Name Change to Bernett Information Group to Reflect Refinement of Core Competencies

Evolution Enables Bernett to Serve as Information Gathering Foundation for Clients, Convener of Research Partners

December 28, 2015, Boston, MA – Bernett Research, an information services provider delivering actionable data to enable informed business decisions, today announced that it is changing its name to Bernett Information Group (BIG) effective immediately.

The company’s new name represents a refinement of Bernett’s core competencies, concentrating the primary services of telephone, online and face-to-face information gathering to maximize the strength of the business. Utilizing the company’s proven method of data collection built on programming expertise, BIG will reinforce its position as the trusted foundational partner for client research projects by providing reliable, respondent-level data.

“Since our family-founded company began in 1972, started by my mother, Bernyce Hayes, clients have returned to Bernett because we are committed to personalized service and prompt, reliable results,” said CEO Matt Hayes. “Evolving from a research firm to a dynamic information services provider, our name emphasizes our honed expertise in providing unbiased, dependable data and our ability to convene other service providers to deliver the best end to end experience for our customers. We promise to continue to deliver the trusted, quality work you expect of Bernett.”

Bernett Information Group has launched a new website in conjunction with the name change. The user experience is rooted in Bernett’s belief that information is only as reliable as the source. This mantra is represented by a penny; whether it’s finding the best respondents, the best source, or the most effective question, the foundation for great information is in knowing how to find a shiny penny and understand its value.

To learn more about Bernett Information Group, visit our new website at


Bernett Information Group (BIG) is an information services provider. We collect actionable, reliable data for our clients, empowering you to make informed business decisions relating to sales, product development and political campaigns.

We have the experience to leverage all of our services across a broad range of industry verticals from political campaigns to entertainment and media companies, financial services to consumer-packaged goods, trial lawyers to retailers. Simply put, when you have questions, we know how to get answers.

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