Bernett Group Surveys Nation on Connected Health for Partners HealthCare

The Bernett Group was commissioned by Partners HealthCare Connected Health to conduct a national survey to determine attitudes and practices regarding personal health devices. Partners HealthCare is a hospital and physicians network that includes Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Partners is committed to patient care, research, teaching, and service to the community locally and globally.

Partners Connected Health works to improve the experience of healthcare and redefine technology-enabled health and wellness. The questionnaire …Read More

Social Media Report: Legalizing Marijuana in Massachusetts

Between November 1, 2016—when Bay State voters were getting ready to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana—and Friday, September 8, there were more than 360,000 posts on social media originating in Massachusetts referencing marijuana, cannabis, pot, grass, weed, or Mary Jane.

Most of those posts (95%) were on Twitter.  Far fewer used Instagram (4%), Forums (1%), or Facebook (<1%)



More posters were men (56%) than women (44%).

The posters’ age—when it could be determined—reflects …Read More

Bernett In The News – Breaking down buds in the Bay State

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You can view our full report here: Cannabis Study – The Bernett Group.


By Herald Staff

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Massachusetts voters are concerned the state and the Cannabis Control Commission will roll out legal pot sales on time and fairly, according to a new poll. Here are key points from the survey:
How confident are you the state will be able to safely …Read More

Bernett In The News – Social media posts new polestars for pollsters

The view this article on The Boston Herald’s website, click here.

By Andy Hiller
Thursday, September 14, 2017

n 1972, when The Bernett Group began polling, there were no computers, no internet, no cellphones … there wasn’t even caller ID.

Pollsters collected opinions in person, by mail and on telephones that may have had a rotary dial and were immobile.

Now there’s a new telephone, an advanced way to share information, images, facts and opinions — …Read More

Bernett In The News – Views vary along gender lines as men remain higher on marijuana

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By Joe Battenfeld
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Men are higher on pot than women, a new poll conducted by The Bernett Group for the Boston Herald shows.

On virtually every question, men are more likely to back marijuana legalization and say they smoke it, according to the poll of 600 likely Bay State voters.

More than 30 percent of men say they have tried pot …Read More

Bernett In The News – Poll: Voters afraid marijuana legalization will take hit

To view the full article on The Boston Herald’s website, click here.

By Joe Battenfeld
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Massachusetts voters have strong doubts about the state’s ability to oversee the new law legalizing recreational pot, and most are concerned it will be influenced by politics, according to a new poll conducted by the Bernett Group for the Boston Herald.

And despite overwhelming support for the legalization law — more than 60 percent say …Read More

Meet Bernett: Spotlight on Brooke Tippery

For our employee spotlight series, we’re speaking with employees throughout The Bernett Group to get their unique perspective about working in the Marketing Research industry. 

In our latest installment, we profile Senior Project Coordinator Brooke Tippery. She shares her career journey since joining Bernett in high school and what life is like in Austin, Texas! 

Q: How did you begin your career in marketing research?

A: I started on the phones in Bernett’s Moscow, Idaho call center …Read More

A Chat with Matt: Taking the Tradition Forward by Building on the Past

I am charged with taking the tradition of our company into the future. Bernett is experienced in many facets of data collection: phone; online; multi-mode; your sample or ours. We’ve been delivering actionable, reliable data to our clients since 1972. We have a solid foundation and we’re just getting started.

We have consolidated our operations and relocated to the State of Now. We understand the responsibilities that come along with residence, …Read More

From Instinct to Insight

Why would an almost-famous TV reporter quit covering politics to become a market researcher? How about because the news stopped looking for the truth, but market researchers have not.

I began political reporting in the 1970’s when Politics (with a capital P) was the engine of change. In Atlanta, I saw an explosion of access, growth, equality—and Justice! There was measurable progress. And Politics promised to bring more!

In 1977, I came to …Read More