“I Was Wondering…”: A Corporate Dilemma

All business decisions, whether big or small, warrant some examination of information before coming to a conclusion. For example, when you promote someone, you look at their past performance and future opportunities to determine whether or not they are ready to advance to the next phase of their career. That logic applies to any decision, whether it’s introducing a new product, entering a new market or expanding a line of …Read More

Bernett Research Announces Corporate Name Change

Bernett Research Announces Corporate Name Change to Bernett Information Group to Reflect Refinement of Core Competencies

Evolution Enables Bernett to Serve as Information Gathering Foundation for Clients, Convener of Research Partners

December 28, 2015, Boston, MA – Bernett Research, an information services provider delivering actionable data to enable informed business decisions, today announced that it is changing its name to Bernett Information Group (BIG) effective immediately.

The company’s new name represents a refinement …Read More

Welcome to the BIG Blog

This blog marks the launch of Bernett Information Group (BIG) – a name that represents an evolution of thinking and refinement of our core competencies. At BIG we capture actionable, reliable data for our clients, empowering them to make informed business decisions. Founded as a market research company in 1972, we operate today on the mantra that information is only as reliable as its source – applying a proven methodology to recruiting and engaging respondents …Read More