Information is only as reliable as the source. At Bernett, the foundation of our business is contacting qualified individuals to provide clients with the information they desire. By applying our own time-tested and proven methods to recruitment interviewing, we ensure that the information our clients receive is accurate, dependable and actionable.


Bernett operates two call centers led by skilled interviewers and equipped with 250 computer-aided-telephone-interviewing (CATI) stations.

  • The right audience – We have access to databases of consumers and professionals meeting your specific criteria. We can also do random sampling.
  • Proactive methodology – We administer your questionnaire live on the phone. We can also initiate email and direct mail during the interview.
  • Field-tested questionnaires – Pretest your questionnaire so you can fix any problems before you go live. Client monitoring is always available.
  • Trained interviewers, not telemarketers – Our interviewers have been trained to list and record responses without leading the respondent.
  • Fast turnaround – We can program, test and field at a moment’s notice.


Consumer-focused businesses, or any organization interested in collecting insights from people on-the-go, use our mobile surveys to get immediate feedback from customers as well as instant management alerts based on specific survey responses.

  • TCPA Compliant – We scrub sample lists and manually dial mobile phones.
  • Device-specific design – Content is designed specifically for the device in use.
  • Instantaneous results – Data is automatically uploaded to the server. Insights are delivered to management immediately.
  • Text delivery – We can send a text message with a unique survey link.
  • Capture the moment – Capture dynamic insights with videos and photos.
  • Our device or yours – Surveys can be taken using BIG supplied devices or the customers own.