Predictive Models

Predictive models can help predict a customer or prospect’s behavior. There are desired behaviors like buying a product, moving money into an investment account, or becoming a customer. There are also behaviors that are not desired, like closing an account, defaulting on a loan, or dropping out of college. Through predictive models, we are able to apply an algorithm and help clients predict the behaviors of important audience groups.

Survey Design, Research Planning and Data Analytics

Reliable data requires preparation and planning to ensure that a client’s questionnaire is designed to elicit the information requested.

Bernett can provide a range of services to ensure your survey is designed for success, including:

  • Obtaining sample and properly sizing sample
  • Screening questions to identify the correct audience
  • Writing survey questions to get the best quality data

Data analytics services includes:

  • Real-time dashboard access and data files in a wide range of formats
    Analytic report summaries highlighting key findings and significant trends
  • Advanced analytics including customer segmentation, key driver analyses, perceptual mapping, Net Promoter Score calculations and reporting