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By Joe Battenfeld
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Men are higher on pot than women, a new poll conducted by The Bernett Group for the Boston Herald shows.

On virtually every question, men are more likely to back marijuana legalization and say they smoke it, according to the poll of 600 likely Bay State voters.

More than 30 percent of men say they have tried pot recreationally at least once in the past year, while just 10 percent of women say they’ve used it.

Seventy-five percent of men also say they know someone who uses marijuana, while just 63 percent of women know a pot user. And 28 percent of men say they plan to buy marijuana when it becomes legal next year, compared to just 8 percent of women.

“When it comes to cannabis, men and women think differently,” said Matt Hayes, CEO of The Bernett Group, which conducted the poll for the Herald. “Men support legalization of recreational marijuana more than women, men use it more often, and men are much more likely to buy it when it comes available.”

The gender gap includes support of marijuana legalization. Nearly 50 percent of males say legalizing recreational pot sales will be a good or very good thing for Massachusetts, while just 34 percent of females agree that it will be a good/very good thing, according to the poll.

There’s also a considerable age gap when it comes to approving of recreational marijuana, the poll found.

A majority of voters age 65 or older say they don’t support the legalization of recreational marijuana, the only age group to voice opposition.

But the youngest voters have a very different take on pot. A whopping 82 percent of voters age 18-34 support the state’s marijuana legalization law, while just 16 percent in that age group oppose it.