The Bernett Group works alongside B2B marketing agencies and consultants to execute market research projects on their client’s behalf. Our experienced team of project coordinators have deep knowledge across industries and integrate seamlessly within account teams to help plan and execute phone and online survey projects.

Bernett has the scale and flexibility to plug into a project at any stage, from ideation to quota fulfillment, and can offer a range of resources to help execute phone and online survey projects. We’ll optimize your questionnaire, program and test your survey and deploy your project, all while working in lock-step with your account teams to ensure alignment with your end-user’s expectations and goals. Clients will be provided custom reports to their specifications and access to Bernett’s online portal with real-time data to manage progress throughout the duration of a study.

Rely on Bernett to deliver secure, reliable data on time, within budget and ready to be applied to your analysis of deeper, actionable information for your customer.