Days of scribbling feedback on a printed card are over – restaurants are connecting with customers electronically! The Bernett Group has developed creative Customer Feedback Programs, specifically designed for clients in the service industries.

  • Create sophisticated feedback mechanisms: Add a QR code to receipts that lead customers to a customized landing page with a branded customer satisfaction survey. Design a custom HTML framework for your branded customer satisfaction survey program, creating a seamless customer approach. Capture, track and report back data as it is developed. Bernett also offers a dedicated toll-free number for customers to call and complete a survey over the phone.
  • Build customer loyalty: Using creative marketing techniques, completed surveys can be linked with a promotion or giveaway, which strengthens customer loyalty and incentivizes customers to become brand advocates.
  • Engage with customers more frequently: Bernett’s digital capabilities enable companies to push out surveys and other promotions in a frequency that encourages two-way communication with customers. If your company doesn’t have an email program, locations can also provide a dedicated device, such as a tablet, for customers to complete the survey on-site.
  • Employee Retention Programs: Many companies in the service industry struggle to recruit and retain well-trained employees. Bernett’s Employee Insight Platform is a powerful tool for companies to reach employees and understand their values. Through targeted surveys, managers can better identify the motivating factors driving employee retention issues.