Brooke Tippery Senior Project Coordinator
Brooke Tippery, Senior Project Coordinator

For our employee spotlight series, we’re speaking with employees throughout The Bernett Group to get their unique perspective about working in the Marketing Research industry. 

In our latest installment, we profile Senior Project Coordinator Brooke Tippery. She shares her career journey since joining Bernett in high school and what life is like in Austin, Texas! 

Q: How did you begin your career in marketing research?

A: I started on the phones in Bernett’s Moscow, Idaho call center back in the nineties. I was looking for a small, part-time job to help cover my expenses as a sophomore in college after moving into my first apartment. I enjoyed telephone interviewing and soon moved into phone center supervision, then management. My mentors at the time recognized a penchant for process management and client communication and I was invited to join our project management team. Once I graduated from college, I moved to southern Idaho to join the rest of the project team. I have since migrated to Austin, TX where we are working on building a small office focused on web development and online/mixed-mode research.

Q: What about the process of managing a project do you enjoy most?

A: I love working with our clients to come up with creative solutions to their projects – whether its phone, online, or mixed-mode. There is so much variety in the types of projects we work on at Bernett that it never gets boring around here!

Q: You live and work in Austin – what about this city do you enjoy most?

A: Austin, TX is a great place to live and work! My husband and I can’t get enough of the music and art scene or the delicious food. We both love to cook and there is a never-ending supply of beautiful produce (I have to give a shout out to H.E.B. and Central Market!). Coming from Idaho, we definitely appreciate the near-year round growing season here in Central Texas. In stark contrast to the crazy hot summers, the culture in Austin is very chill- as long as people have their Shiner Bock and queso, they’re happy! Almost everyone I meet in Austin is a transplant. It’s been great getting to know people from all walks of life and from all over the world. I’ve also had exposure to a wide variety of industries; from tech to urban farmers, and business development to political consulting, it seems like there’s a place for everyone in Austin.

Q: What types of client projects do you enjoy working on most?

A: Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun working through some of the challenges unique to surveys in the online environment. I have been brainstorming with Bernett’s web development team on ideas to improve survey aesthetics in general, with a special focus on mobile optimization and quality control.

Q: Can you talk about a project where you learned an important lesson about market research?

A: I’ve worked on nearly 3,000 studies over the past decade and have learned so many important lessons along the way. Each client and project that I have spent time on have helped to develop my project management approach and mold me into the person that I am today.

The two rules that I live by are 1) never take anything for granted and 2) nothing sets you up for success better than proactive planning and rigorous preparation (testing, checking, etc.) on the front-end. That being said, it seems that no amount of planning can account for every odd ball scenario we encounter in day-to-day project management. So as dogged as I am with project prep, I also try to stay open minded and be as flexible as possible in my approach to field management.